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HI Technologies provide various technical and technological solutions to all your different kind of needs. Whether it be an advanced application development for your business or IT support for your team, we are here for you to help and assist. Services of HI Technologies Ltd are grouped under 3 categories. The services we provide include, but not limited to

Services: Services

IT Consultancy and Contracts for Businesses

HI Technologies consist of highly skilled individuals and team-members that are experts of fields such as embed & web technologies, software architecture, AI, optics and DevOps. The engineering team also has scientific publications and are consisting of bright minds. We may provide assistance to your teams in various developer positions along with project management, team-leadership and/or architectural design. We are experienced in Cloud services, mainly on GoogleCloud and AWS, and we are experts of NodeJS and Javascript/HTML/CSS. As HI Technologies, we can provide your business with:

  • Development Workforce

  • Mid-level Management

  • DevOps Assistance

  • Architecture Design

  • Project Management

In-House Development Services

As HI Technologies we will get on with your ideas for projects that you do not have the means to implement. We will brainstorm on your ideas together and nurture them along with you. After an ideation process, we will do the research and the project scoping, and come up with an agile project plan for you. We will finally implement and deliver it to you with your deadlines. The projects that HI Technologies will take on will be in the scope of:

  • Development for Web facing projects

  • Mobile App Development (Hybrid apps on ReactNative)

  • Service Development for back-end tasks

  • Server-side requirements

IT Support Activities for Individuals

Are you an individual looking for an entry to the digital world? HI Technologies is here for you. We will support you on your dreams to make a presence on WWW and hold your hand through all the processes. We will help you host your own applications and provide guidance on rather complex activities. We can also help you through your ambitions to become a programming expert if thats what you are after. Upon your request, we will delegate a senior team-member to provide you services such as:

  • Website research and development for personal and business needs

  • Technological assistance, guidance and coaching for tech-savvy tasks

  • Educational activities and coaching on programming

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